File No. 763.72/3729

The Minister in Panama ( Price) to the Secretary of State


Panaman President to-day issued a proclamation of alliance and cooperation with the United States in the war with Germany. After the preface and reference to the action of the National Assembly the following is set forth:

Therefore, I, the President of the Republic of Panama, declare that the Panaman nation will lend its emphatic cooperation to the United States of America against the enemies who may execute or attempt to execute hostile acts against territory of Panama, the Panama Canal, or which in any manner may affect or tend to affect the common interests of the two countries. The Government will adopt measures adequate to these ends as circumstances may demand and considers that it is a patriotic duty for all Panaman citizens to facilitate the military operations which the forces of the United States may need to undertake within the limits of our country designed for the defense of the common rights and interests of the two nations. It is the duty of foreigners, resident or transient, to submit themselves to this declaration under the penalties established by the laws of the country and by international law.

The foregoing followed by canceling exequaturs German consuls [to be] complete Monday. I venture to suggest that action of Panama be gotten into the press despatches for Latin America.