File No. 763.72/3651

The Minister in Costa Rica ( Hale ) to the Secretary of State


Carlos Lara, Tinoco’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, has sent to me by the hands of Mr. Keith a holograph document in Spanish, of which the following is a translation:

Government of Tinoco expresses desire to make known that without taking into account recognition on behalf of the Government of the United States in any emergencies which arise between Germany and the United States by reason of the relations in which these two countries find themselves to-day, Government of Costa Rica not only is disposed to observe towards the United States a benevolent neutrality but also to prevent development upon its territory of any hostility against them.

[Page 244]

Keith informs me that Lara asked him to ask me to send to the Department a message of the above import and that Lara put it in writing at Keith’s request.