File No. 763.72/3207

The Minister in Cuba ( Gonzales ) to the Secretary of State


Cuban Government will follow United States, taking action officially whenever you deem it advisable. Secretary of State Desvernine was visiting President at his country place this morning and it was noon before I could inform him of the Government’s action. He brought a message of cordial sympathy from President Menocal.

At the suggestion of Secretary of State I accompanied him to the President’s country place this afternoon. The President, with great cordiality, said that whatever Cuba had in moral and material support was at the service of the United States and he would sever relations with Germany at whatever time you deemed it advisable. He wished it understood that Cuba’s decision to this effect was taken at noon to-day.

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At my suggestion President will, from to-morrow, have a close watch kept on certain Germans here and all suspicious arrivals and will have secret-service men work at all likely places for supply bases along coast. …