File No. 855.48/487

The Consul at Cork ( Frost ) to the Secretary of State


Norwegian steamship Storstad, Buenos Aires, bound Rotterdam, 9,000 tons maize Belgian relief under English charter sunk by German submarine 70 miles west Skelligs 11.30 a.m., March 8. Submarine first shelled ship from 3 miles 15 minutes, during which Storstad stopped and hoisted abundant unmistakable signs Belgian relief errand. After 15 minute interval submarine torpedoed Storstad without warning from 400 yards, Belgian relief signals being prominently visible, ship carried neither gun nor wireless, no shelling during abandonment: Submarine interviewed captain’s boat for particulars, refusing request for towage, then fired additional shells and torpedoed sinking vessel. No attempt escape, resist. Weather heavy, sea strong, east wind, dull, showery sky. Three boats became separated, captain’s boat rescued by patrol near Skelligs 9.30 p.m., March 9. After severe battle with sea, fourth engineer died exposure, shock. Sole American aboard, John Roy Christian, 121 Mercer Street, Seattle, saved, affidavit taken. Other [Page 172] two boats landed Cahirciveen evening 10th. Have telegraphed Consul, Liverpool take affidavits officers. Total deaths three. This report also Ambassador, Consul General.