File No. 763.72/3418

The Minister in Switzerland ( Stovall ) to the Secretary of State


603. Local press prints Wolff telegram dated 2d, Berlin, which states that American press has published Foreign Office communication to German representative in Mexico and adds that following are the facts:

When on February 1 decision was taken for ruthless submarine warfare, in view of the previous attitude of the American Government the possibility of a conflict with the United States had to be considered. The facts have demonstrated that this foresight was justified for the American Government broke diplomatic relations and urged other states to join it. Foreseeing these possibilities the Imperial Government not only had the right, but also the duty, to take steps in view of an armed conflict with the United States to compensate for the entrance of new enemies on the scene; therefore the German Minister at Mexico was charged, in the middle of January, in case the United States declared war to propose an alliance to the Government of Mexico. The Minister also received the order to take no action before the certainty of an outbreak of war. It is unknown how knowledge came out of this, secret communication. However the treason, for it is certainly that, seems to have taken place on American territory. This notice published in Swiss press under heading “Simple Aveu.”