File No. 857.857/90

The Ambassador in France ( Sharp ) to the Secretary of State


1901. George A. Hamilla states under oath that he is American citizen, born April 24, 1894, of Russian parentage, New Britain Conn.; shipped as seaman January 7 at Baltimore on Norwegian steamer Nyland. On voyage with cargo of coal from Barry Dock to Gibraltar. Deponent states vessel, unarmed, was sunk after warning by submarine, believed of German nationality, on 23d ultimo in Bay of Biscay off French coast. Position unknown to deponent. Believed by Embassy to be about 20 miles off Belle Ile. No attempt made to escape after warning. Captain of submarine made inquiries regarding nationality, cargo, and destination before placing bombs on board. Crew then being clear of vessel in boats no aid given by submarine. No casualties, sea calm, no wind. Hamilla only American on board. Two Norwegian flags and name painted on each side of Nyland which carried lights, flew white flag with blue cross. Deposition by mail.