File No. 841.857/333

The Consul at Cork ( Frost ) to the Secretary of State


British India liner Mantola, 8,500 tons, London to Calcutta, general cargo, crew 165, passengers 19, torpedoed without warning 185 miles southwest Fastnet, February 8, 1.40 p.m. Moderately rough sea, fresh wind; one American on board, ship’s surgeon, Earle Rice, 628 Salmon Street, Portland, Oreg. All crew and passengers saved except seven Lascars, drowned due mismanagement. Survivors stood by in six boats till 3.10 when operator boarded Mantola to send second wireless call. Submarine picked up this call instantly and commenced shelling Mantola from 4,000 yards, coming up to 3,000. Last four of 47 shells shrapnel but not aimed at boats. Ceased shelling and had approached to 300 yards when admiralty vessel hove in sight causing submarine submerge instantly, 5.30 p.m. Survivors landed Bantry this morning. Mantola carried 4.7 gun with two gunners on duty. Have affidavit Surgeon Rice. Survivors reach London morning 11th. This telegram sent also to Ambassador, Consul General.