[Cat. No. 335.—Register No. 75. Permanent.—Official numbers: Numerals, 76,806; Letters,——.]

Copy of certificate of registry.

In pursuance of Chapter I, Title XLVIII, “Regulation of Commerce and Navigation,” Revised Statutes of the United States, Geo. Lietes, of San Francisco, State of California, agent, having taken and subscribed the oath required by law, and having sworn that Herman Liebes, of said place, is the only owner of the vessel the James Hamilton Lewis, of San Francisco, whereof Alexander McLean is at present master, and is a citizen of the United States; and that the said vessel was built in the year 18—, at unknown, as appears by temporary register No. 55, issued at Portsounsend, November 29, 1889, now surrenders of home port, and said register having certified that the said vessel has 1 deck and 2 masts, and that her length is 75 and 2-tenths feet, her breadth 21 feet and 8-tenths, her depth 8 feet and 3-tenths, her height feet and-tenths, that she measures 77 tons and 52 hundredths, viz:

Capacity under tonnage deck 74.53
Capacity between decks above tonnage deck
Capacity of inclosures on the upper deck, viz 6.18
Gross tonnage 80.71
Deductions under section 4153, Revised Statutes, as amended by act of August 5, 1882:
Total deductions. 5.19
Net tonnage 77.52

The following-described spaces, and no others, have been omitted, viz: And that she is a schooner, has a billet head and an elliptic stern; and the said George Lietes, agent * * *, having agreed to the description and measurement above specified according to law, said vessel has been duly registered at the port of San Francisco. * * *

  • T. G. Phelps,
    Collector of Customs.
  • Stuart Taylor,
    Naval Officer.
  • T. B. Sanders,
    Acting Commissioner of Navigation.

I hereby certify the within to be a true copy of the original on record in this office. Given under my hand and seal this 23d day of March, 1900.

N. S. Farley,
Deputy Collector.


Fee, 20 cents, paid.

Catalogue No. 335. Permanent.

Copy of certificate of registry No. 75 of the schooner called the James Hamilton Lewis, 77.52 tons.

Issued at the port of San Francisco January 10, 1890.

T. G. Phelps,
Collector of Custom