[Copy of protest given to the commander of the man-of-war Aleut, 12th of August, 1891.]

I, the undersigned, do hereby protest in behalf of the schooner James Hamilton Lewis and owners against the illegal seizure of said vessel, her tackling and cargo, and hunting and fishing outfit, by the Russian man-of-war Aleut, the 2d day of August, 1891, upon the high seas and neutral waters of the ocean. All seal skins on board of said vessel had been killed upon said waters of the ocean with shotguns, and the pup skins on board were taken from the inside of said seal after they were taken on board of the vessel, and no seals were taken on board of the vessel for forty hours previous to the said seizure. I therefore hold the Russian man-of-war Aleut and her Government responsible for the detention and losses caused by the illegal seizure of said vessel and outfit and cargo.

Alexander McLean,
Master of the Schooner “J. H. Lewis,” of San Francisco, Cal., U. S. A.