Outward foreign manifest.

Report and manifest of the cargo, laden at the port of San Francisco, on board the schooner J. H. Lewis, whereof A. McLean is master or commander, bound for hunting and fishing.

March 7, 1891.

8 breech-loading guns 835
15 kegs powder, 750 pounds 105
50 sacks shot, 1,250 pounds 100
25,000 primers 30
50,000 wads 40

W. P. Saxe, Bond Clerk.

I hereby certify the foregoing to be a true copy of the original now on file in this office.

N. S. Farley.

Fee, 20 cents, paid.

Master or commander’s oath on clearing outward.

District and port of San Francisco:

I, A. McLean, master or commander of the schooner J. H. Lewis, bound from the port of San Francisco to hunting and fishing, do solemnly, sincerely, and truly swear that the manifest of the cargo on board the said schooner J. H. Lewis now delivered by me to the collector of this district and subscribed with my name contains, according to the best of my knowledge and belief, a full, just, and true account of all the goods, wares, and merchandise now actually laden on board the said vessel or vehicle, and of the value thereof, and the foreign places or countries in which the same are truly intended to be landed; and if any other goods, wares, or merchandise shall be landed or put on board the said schooner J. H. Lewis previous to her sailing from this port I will immediately report the same to the said collector. I do also swear that I do verily believe the duties on all foreign merchandise therein specified have been

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paid or secured according to law, and that no part thereof is intended to be relanded within the United States, and that if by distress or other unavoidable accident it shall become necessary to reland the same I will forth make a just and true report thereof to the collector of the customs of the district wherein such accident or distress may happen. And said cargo is truly intended to be in the port of hunting and fishing. So help me God.

A. McLean, Master.

D. M. Cashin, Deputy Collector.