Certificate of ownership of vessel.

I hereby certify that according to the records of this office the schooner called the James Hamilton Lewis, of San Francisco, tonnage 77 and 52/100 tons, was registered at this office January 10th, 1890, and the following were her owners, viz:

Herman Liebes, of San Francisco, California, sole owner,

Transfer by bill of sale executed September 17th, 1890.

Herman Liebes to H. Liebes and Company (Inc.). All . . . .

Bill of sale executed July 29th, 1891.

H. Liebes and Company (Inc.) to Max Waizman, of

San Francisco, State aforesaid, All . . . .

and there is no mortgage or lien on record against said vessel in this office.

N. S. Farley,
Deputy Collector.

Fee, 20 cents, paid.

H. J.