Mr. de Wollant to Mr. Sherman.

No. 520.]

Sir: Referring to the case of Capt. Gustaf Isak Dahlberg, master and principal owner of the Russian bark Hans, who was arrested while at anchor at Ship Island, Mississippi, February 10, 1896, I have the honor to inform your excellency that your note of July 8, 1897, has been duly forwarded through the foreign office at Petersburg to Capt. Gustaf Dahlberg.

Considered that his arrest without warrant of law and his detention until February 15 has been the cause of great pecuniary losses, Captain Dahlberg declares that he can not be satisfied with the sum of $1,000, tendered by your excellency. In his claim Captain Dahlberg points out he was obliged to find and pay another captain to bring the ship to Europe. The money paid to the lawyers, traveling expenses of the said captain, the loss of time, and disturbance in his money affairs amount to $5,000.

Captain Dahlberg claims that, having been arrested by the duly appointed authorities in the name of the President of the United States, his claim can not be directed against the individuals concerned in his arrest, they having acted not as private persons but in their official capacity. Not having the necessary means, he considers the advice to find remedy in the courts of this country as a refusal of justice.

Considering, for my part, that cases like the unlawful arrest of Captain Dahlberg can not have a favorable influence on the commercial relations of our respective countries, on our tradesmen and people engaged in the shipping business, I will feel [Page 344]very much obliged to your excellency if you will reconsider the matter and give it your fullest attention in order to bring it to the best possible solution.

Awaiting your pleasure, I beg you to accept, dear sir, the renewed assurances of my highest consideration.

Gregory de Wollant.