[Konrad A. Goetz, notary public, St. Petersburg. Stamp.]

Codified Collection of Data for the Code of Marine Regulations. Volume V, Judicial Rules for the Navy. Part 17. Drawn up by the Administration of Codification of the Minister of Marine. St. Petersburg, 1876. No. 58. Collection of Regulations Concerning Marine Prizes and Reprizes.a

Chapter III.Concerning the places where captures may take place.

Sec. 21. The right of seizure is in force only on the high sea. By the denomination “high sea” is understood the waters which are beyond cannon shot of neutral fortresses, or which are at a distance of 3 nautical miles from the neutral coasts. * * *

I, the undersigned, Konrad Aristovitch Goetz, notary public of the St. Petersburg exchange, having my office in the district of the admiralty, Grand Morskaia street, No. 29, do hereby certify that the above is an extract in conformity with the book entitled Systematic Collection of Data for the Code of Marine Regulations, presented before me by the ambassador of the United States of North America at St. Petersburg.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature and the seal of my office.

K. A. Goetz,
[l. s.]
Notary of the Exchange.
[Stamps are here.]

I, the undersigned, Konrad A. Goetz, notary of the exchange at St. Petersburg, Grand Morskaia street, No. 29, certify that the preceding is a correct and exact translation of the certified copy in the Russian language, hereunto annexed. * * *

In testimony of which witness my signature and the seal of my office.

In witness whereof—
Konrad A. Goetz.
[l. s.]

No. 11079.

  1. Remark of the administration of codification: These rules were elaborated by a special commission in 1869, and in submitting them to the director of the ministry of marine his excellency ordered the following resolution: “Send this collection to the commander of the Pacific Squadron for his information and guidance; also to endeavor to send these rules to all vessels about to sail abroad on the 16th of September, 1869.” In executing this resolution to transmit them to vessels, there were printed 200 copies. In 1871 a new commission was called, under the presidency of Admiral Istomine, to examine the rules concerning capture and recapture. That commission has not yet completed the duty with which it was charged.