An Imperial edict forwarded by the privy council at Pekin under date of the fourteenth day of the seventh moon (August 8) to Governor Yuan at Tsi-nan, Shantung, who transmitted it on the seventeenth day of the same moon (August 11) to the taotai at Shanghai, by whom it was retransmitted to Minister Wu, who received it on the night of the same day (August 11).

The Imperial edict, as transmitted by the privy council, is as follows:

In the present conflict between Chinese and foreigners there has been some misunderstanding on the part of foreign nations and also a want of proper management on the part of some of the local authorities. A clash of arms is followed by calamitous results and causes a rupture of friendly relations, which will ultimately do no good to the world. We hereby appoint Li Hung Chang as our envoy plenipotentiary, with instructions to propose at once, by telegraph, to the Governments of the several powers concerned for the immediate cessation of hostile demonstrations pending negotiations, which he is hereby authorized to conduct for our part, for the settlement of whatever questions may have to be dealt with. The questions are to be severally considered in a satisfactory manner and the result of the negotiations reported to us for our sanction. Respect this.

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The above is respectfully copied for transmission on to Your Excellency, to be communicated to the Secretary of State for His Excellency’s information.

Note.—Mr. Wu also informed the State Department that subsequent to the receipt of the foregoing edict he had received a cablegram from Earl Li Hung Chang notifying his appointment, as above, and asking Minister Wu to request of the United States the cessation of hostile demonstrations.