[Communicated to Minister Wu for transmission, October 18, 1900.]

His Majesty Kwang Hsu, Emperor of China, greeting:

It has afforded me much pleasure to receive Your Imperial Majesty’s telegraphic letter of October 14, which has been delivered by Your Majesty’s minister in Washington.

I cordially share Your Majesty’s wish that there may be a peaceful settlement of all questions between China and the powers whose interests and nationals have so grievously suffered wrong in Your Majesty’s dominions, and that the outcome may be the complete effacement of ill feeling between them. The desire of this Government that such a settlement may be brought about speedily has been made known to all the powers, and I trust that negotiations may begin so soon as we and the other offended governments shall be effectively satisfied of Your Majesty’s ability and power to treat with just sternness the principal offenders, who are doubly culpable, not alone toward the foreigners, but toward Your Majesty, under whose rule the purpose of China to dwell in concord with the world has hitherto found expression in the welcome and protection assured to strangers.

William McKinley.