Mr. Hay to Mr. Conger.


(Mr. Hay directs Mr. Conger to use his utmost endeavor, first, to have a lump sum agreed upon as indemnity by the ministers; second, to have this sum made as reasonable as possible. According to the best information obtainable here the Chinese Government can not possibly pay more than $150,000,000. This will probably necessitate a certain scaling down of the demands of the different powers. Third, Mr. Conger will insist, when the lump sum is agreed upon and granted, that a fair proportionate share of it be allotted to the United States, its equitable distribution to the claimants to be undertaken by the United States Government. Fourth, be will propose, in case of protracted disagreement over the indemnity, that the matter be submitted to arbitration, as provided by The Hague rules.

Our losses and disbursements amount to about $25,000,000.

An instruction will be sent very soon as to treaties.)