Mr. Adee to Mr. Wilson.

No. 133.]

Sir: In view of the Navy Department’s letter of the 8th instant (copy inclosed), you will convey to the Chilean Government the most cordial thanks of the United States Government for the friendliness and courtesy shown by the Chilean officials, civil and naval, to the U. S. S. Newark while in distress at Port Low.

I am, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.
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Mr. Allen to Mr. Hay.

Sir: The Department is in receipt of two reports from the commanding officer of the Newark in regard to the voyage of that vessel from Montevideo to Valparaiso. In both of these he speaks in the most appreciative manner of the friendliness and courtesy displayed by Chilean officials, and particularly by the Chilean naval officials, in supplying the Newark with Government coal at Port Low on the 19th of June.

At the time of this occurrence the Newark, after contending with a series of heavy gales, had taken refuge in Port Low, completely out of coal. The week had been spent in cutting wood for fuel, hoping in that way to be able to carry fires long enough to steam to Ancud. The wood proved deficient in evaporating power—it was found impracticable to move the vessel with such fuel—and but for the kindly aid of the Chilean Government she would have been in a most disagreeable if not dangerous predicament.

Under these circumstances the Department will be exceedingly gratified if its thanks can be conveyed to the Chilean Government in the most cordial and appreciative tone.

I have, etc.,

Chas. H. Allen,
Acting Secretary.