Mr. Loomis to Mr. Hay.

No. 285.]

Sir: I beg leave to suggest that the portion of my dispatch No. 263, dated April 10, 1899, which makes mention of the very considerable courtesies extended to Admiral Sampson and the officers of his squadron by the British minister at Caracas, Mr. W. H. D. Haggard, be communicated to Her Britannic Majesty’s representative here, through the medium of the British foreign office, if such be the usual and proper course, with the expression of thanks.

I am constrained to make this suggestion for the reason that Mr. Haggard went to much trouble and no small expense to entertain the American naval officers, and for the additional reason that Admiral Sampson, through an oversight, forgot to invite him to be of the party which visited the flagship with the President of Venezuela.

The passage in my dispatch No. 263, to which I have referred, reads as follows:

I desire to mention a garden party given by the British minister to Caracas, W. H. D. Haggard, at his residence in this city. It was a delightful function, and one much enjoyed by Admiral Sampson and the officers who accompanied him.

I have, etc.,

Francis B. Loomis.