Mr. Straus to Mr. Hay.

No. 73.]

Sir: On the 12th instant I received your cable in cipher, which is appended on the overleaf.1

The subject of the indemnity claims has my constant attention. [Page 768] When the telegram was received, the second Bairam, or Turkish Easter, was near at hand, so I thought it best to delay until Bairam was over, so as to use it with better effect. On yesterday I communicated the substance of the telegram, through our interpreter, to the Sultan’s secretary. * * * This communication followed in the line and in the train of my previous repeated urging of the matter. As reported in my former dispatches, I find no disposition on the part of His Majesty to escape from his promise to arrange the matter, his purpose being to couple the settlement with some contracts for cruisers or guns, as reported in my dispatch No. 52, of February 28.

* * * * * * *

I trust you will not regard me too sanguine respecting the prospects; I am reporting the facts as they develop, and I fully realize nothing definitely should be predicated until the end is reached. I shall endeavor to include as many of the outstanding claims as possible, and under instruction No. 97, of March 25, I will take care to specify such as may be included.

As you have left the subject to my discretion, I shall endeavor to use it wisely. * * *

I have, etc.,

Oscar S. Straus.
  1. Printed supra.