Mr. Hay to Mr. Leishman.

No. 177.]

Sir: I have to inform you that your dispatch No. 157, of the 19th ultimo, in regard to the application of Edward Klipfel for a passport, has been received. In view of Mr. Klipfel’s sworn statement that he has “no idea of returning to the United States,” it is clear that he can not properly receive a passport. The Department’s position on this point is well established and should be adhered to. He can not expect to receive the protection that a passport affords when he manifests no intention of performing the duties of a citizen of the United States. But this act of his does not deprive his children, who were born in this country and have been taken away by him, of their right to our protection until they reach their majority and may elect an allegiance of their own; and if you should be called upon to do so, you should recognize them as citizens of the United States.

I am, etc.,

John Hay.