Mr. Hay to Mr. Deucher.

No. 204.]

Sir: In connection with my note to you, No. 201, of the 21st ultimo, I have the honor to inform you that, under the circumstances therein set out, the Secretary of the Treasury has directed the customs officials of the United States to impose and collect on the products of Switzerland exported to the United States from that country similar to those enumerated in the reciprocal commercial arrangement with France, proclaimed on May 30, 1898, the rates of duty imposed and collected on such merchandise imported from France under said reciprocal arrangement.

[Page 749]

I inclose a copy of the direction referred to, from which you will also see that all entries of such products imported from Switzerland on and after June 1, 1898, which have been otherwise liquidated, shall be reliquidated in accordance with the above ruling.

Accept, etc.,

John Hay.