Mr. Bridgman to Mr. Hay.

Sir: I have the honor to transmit herewith to the Department the following inclosures:

Spanish copy of the original announcement by the general secretary of the Government Assembly in Oruro, Bolivia, of the establishment of a new national government in Bolivia, with request that official announcement of the same be made to the Government of the United States and that good wishes be conveyed.

Also an English translation of the same.

I have instructed my secretary, Mr. Zalles, to inform the Bolivian Government of the reception of the documents by the Department of State and to suitably acknowledge the courteous words. He has already announced the mailing of the dispatch. The dates show the papers were delayed in transit.

I have, etc.,

George H. Bridgman.

Mr. Guachalla to Mr. Bridgman.

Most Excellent Sir: The superior judgment of your excellency has enabled you fully to appreciate the magnitude and importance of the political evolution which the Bolivian people have realized, and the immediate consequence of which has been the organization of a [Page 107] new National Government composed of Mr. Serapio Reyes Ortez, Jose Manuel Pando, and Macario Pinilla.

Your excellency must be convinced that the unanimous desire of the country and of their actual representative is to strengthen the ties of peace and friendship that unite Bolivia with the Republic which your excellency so worthily represents.

Under this impression I take the liberty of begging your excellency to have the kindness to announce to your distinguished Government the establishment of the executive power of Bolivia, together with the good wishes I am instructed to transmit to your excellency for the welfare of the Republic of the United States of America. I shall be highly pleased to cultivate with your excellency, in my character as general secretary of the most excellent Government Assembly, the cordial relations which I have the honor to initiate, presenting to your excellency the assurances of my high and distinguished consideration.

Fernando E. Guachalla.