Mr. Adee to the Duke de Arcos.

No. 31.]

Sir: Referring to your note of the 20th ultimo relative to the registration of Spaniards in Cuba, I have the honor to inclose a copy furnished by the War Department of order No. 107, issued by the military governor of Cuba.

The Acting Secretary of War is of opinion that this order provides [Page 715] all possible facilities for the purpose. Should, however, you desire that a list of such registrations be furnished to the Spanish consuls in that island the War Department will take pleasure in issuing the necessary orders to the military authorities.

Accept, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.
No. 107.]

The military governor of Cuba directs the publication of the following order:

Spanish subjects, natives of the peninsula of Spain, residing in Cuba and who desire to preserve their Spanish nationality, may declare their intention before the mayor of the municipality in which they live within a period of one year, dating from the ltth day of April, 1899. After the lapse of said period they will be understood to have renounced their right and to have adopted Cuban nationality.
In the document, which must be drawn up in prescribed form before the alcalde, there will be set forth:
The name and surname of the interested party, his age, nationality (specifying the province), civil status, and profession.
Name of wife and children, should there be any, and the names of his parents.
The date in which the declaration is made and signed. The document shall also be subscribed by the alcalde and the secretary of the municipality.
These documents shall be drawn up in triplicate—one for the secretary of state and government, one for file in the municipality in which it is made, and the other for the interested party.
Alcaldes shall transmit immediately to the secretary of state and government the documents of nationalization drawn up before them, and will be held responsible for the exact fulfillment of the provisions of this order.
Such of the individuals referred to in Article I as reside in Habana may report to the office of the section of state, in the department of state and government, to make the above-mentioned declaration. In this case the document will be drawn up in duplicate—one for the register of the section and the other for the interested party.
The general register shall be under the charge of the proper section of the department of state.
No fees of any character shall be exacted for the execution of the documents provided for in this order.

Adna R. Chaffee,
Brigadier-General, Chief of Staff.