Mr. Sickles to Mr. Hay.

No. 75.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge receipt of Department dispatch No. 59, dated August 22, 1899, inclosing copies of correspondence between the Department of State and the United States consul at Gibraltar regarding the presence at Gibraltar of a number of persons claiming to have been convicted of political offenses in Cuba and to have been released from confinement at Ceuta.

[Page 706]

I have transmitted to the foreign office the names of the following five Cubans who appear in Mr. Quesada’s list of Cubans imprisoned for political offenses, to wit:

Felipe Martinez Rodriguez.
Antonio Rodriguez Romero.
Lucas Morales.
Felipe Hernandez y Torres.
Rafael Acosta y Acosta.

The first four imprisoned at Ceuta and the last confined in the Malaga Penitentiary.

I have communicated with Mr. Sprague in regard to the other names listed by him, and I shall be governed by the ascertained facts in each case, so as to bring all deserving cases coming within the purview of article 6 of the treaty of Paris to the attention of the minister of state.

I am, etc.,

Stanton Sickles, Chargé.