Mr. Storer to Mr. Hay.

No. 37.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that while I was absent yesterday evening two persons, representing themselves to be two of the Cubans heretofore imprisoned at Burgos, called at the legation. Their object was to inquire how to obtain passage home, and the ordinary answer was given, as to all persons asking information about shipping matters and going to Cuba—that they should apply to the consul-general at Barcelona. I learn that they said they had just been released. One of them is said to be the Mr. Joya whose release was not claimed by Mr. Quesada, but who had written me before, as was reported in my dispatch No. 33, dated July 19, 1899.

I shall endeavor to find these persons and obtain full information as to why they are here and not returned to Cuba.

The duty of Spain under its treaty engagement is clear; but if, as [Page 698] I fear, such persons may be only released and left hanging on in this country, some provision will practically have to be made either to transport or support them pending any efforts to obtain the action due from the Spanish Government.

I have, etc.

Bellamy Storer.