Mr. Storer to Mr. Hay.

No. 129.]

Sir: I have the honor to report that in response to my communication of the substance of your telegraphic instruction of the 21st instant, the receipt of which has already been acknowledged, I have received a letter from Mr. Francisco Silvela, minister of state, of which I beg to inclose a copy and translation.

As thus requested, I have cabled you to-day as follows:

Requested to transmit the thanks of the Spanish Government for most acceptable permission to use Geneva Red Cross.

I have, etc.,

Bellamy Storer.

Mr. Silvela to Mr. Storer.


Sir: In reply to your letter of yesterday I have only to express the satisfaction with which the Government of His Catholic Majesty is inspired by the decision of the Government of the United States concerning the liberation of the Spanish prisoners in the Philippines.

The solution decided on seems in every way acceptable, and we shall comply with pleasure with the conditions that the vessel sent shall bear the flag of the Red Cross.

I beg you, my dear Mr. Minister, to inform your Government at Washington to this effect, and to add the expression of our grateful recognition of the humane orders transmitted to General Otis.

Accept, etc.,

Francisco Silvela.