Sir Julian Pauncefote to Mr. Hay.

Sir: Count Castell, the German chargé d’affaires in London, has communicated to the Marquis of Salisbury a report from the German consul-general at Apia with reference to the election of a king in Samoa. The consul-general recommends the issue of identic instructions to the consuls of the three treaty powers directing them to keep in view in all circumstances the preservation of peace, and, if necessary, to make joint proposals for the settlement of the political situation in case it should be found impossible to carry out the election of the new king in accordance with the provisions of the Berlin final act.

The German Government have expressed their opinion that such instructions would tend to the preservation of peace.

Lord Salisbury has replied, stating that Her Majesty’s Government concur in the proposal made by the German Government.

I am directed by Lord Salisbury to communicate the above for the information of your Government.

I have, etc.

Julian Pauncefote.