Mr. Hay to Mr. Buchanan.

No. 454.]

Sir: I inclose copy of a letter from Messrs. Briesen & Knauth, of New York City, complaining that the trade-marks and symbols of United States citizens are improperly appropriated in the Argentine Republic.

You will give the subject attention in the way of inquiry and, if convenient occasion offers, of suggestion to the minister for foreign affairs in the direction of an understanding which would remove or lessen the ground of complaint.

I am, etc.,

John Hay.

Briesen & Knauth to Mr. Hay.

Sir: Clients of ours, large exporters of ware made in the United States to South American countries, especially to Brazil and the Argentine Republic, complain to us that citizens of these countries are permitted to bodily appropriate and register as their own the trade-marks and symbols of United States citizens and to thus shut out importations from this country or else force the importer to buy back from them the right which is justly his own.

We write to ask if any confirmation or denial of this alleged state of facts is obtainable through your Department, and to request that the United States diplomatic or consular officers in these countries be communicated with on this subject, with the view to determining whether the practice complained of exists, and whether, if it does, there is any adequate remedy.

The favor of an answer is respectfully requested.

Very respectfully,

Briesen & Knauth.