Sir Julian Pauncefote to Mr. Day.

Sir: It has been brought to my knowledge by the Marquis of Salisbury that the consuls of the three treaty powers in Samoa received, on the 1st of April last, a communication from certain rebel chiefs of the Tumna, notifying their independence by the erection of a separate flag at Leulumolga.

The three consuls replied, on April 9, informing the rebel chiefs that under the Berlin treaty the government of King Malietoa was the only one in Samoa, and that any attempt to set up a separate government or to raise a separate flag would not be recognized by the three treaty powers.

At a meeting held at the British consulate on the 15th April last it was unanimously decided by the three consuls to submit once more to their respective Governments the question of the return to Samoa of Mataafa.

The three consuls had previously stated their opinion that the return of Mataafa and the other exiled chiefs would, under certain conditions, be a source of strength to the government of King Malietoa, especially as the question had been further complicated by the hoisting of the rebel flag at Leulumolga.

Mr. E. Maxse, Her Majesty’s consul, reports that the Mataafa clan (aiga) is very disquieted at the rumor that Mataafa will not be pardoned, and that the King and government fear that the clan will return to the rebel should his pardon be much longer delayed. Mr. Maxse adds that the return of Mataafa to Samoa would undoubtedly detach many powerful chiefs from the rebel faction who now openly declare that the talk of Mataafa’s return was a mere trick to try to induce them to come in.

Under the circumstances, which I have briefly indicated above (and which have doubtless been already reported to you by the United States consul-general at Apia), I am directed by the Marquis of Salisbury to inquire whether your Government are disposed to concur in the recommendation of the consul that Mataafa should now be permitted to return to Samoa on condition of his signing the protocol a draft of which I have the honor to inclose in this note.

I have, etc.,

Julian Pauncefote
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I, Mataafa, now of the island of Jaluit, do hereby solemnly promise, agree, and declare that if I shall be pardoned and permitted to return to Apia, Samoa, I will at all times be and remain in all things loyal to the government of Samoa, as now established under the Berlin treaty, and to Malietoa and to his successors; that I will remain at Mulinuu and not depart therefrom without the written consent of the consuls of the treaty powers; that I will not encourage or participate in any hostile action against the government, nor will I permit my relatives or adherents to engage in any such hostile action against the government, and that I will to the best of my ability aid and support the government as now established under said treaty, and that I will use my influence to promote the peace of Samoa and to strengthen the loyalty of the people toward the government, and that my return and continued residence in Samoa shall depend upon my faithful performance of all of the conditions above mentioned.

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