Mr. Merry to Mr. Hay.


Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your two cables1 dated April 6, forwarded hence to San Salvador, and read at Corinto, upon my arrival there on 9th instant. Copy of translation please find herewith. Since my arrival here I have acted upon your instructions, but, owing to my own ill health, have only seen the minister of foreign affairs once, and will report hereafter. It is my intention to leave here on 17th instant, proceeding to San Juan del Norte, where I hope to meet the U. S. S. Detroit and to consult with her commander, should affairs at Bluefields continue serious. If it appears advisable I shall go there myself, although Consul Sorsby now being at Bluefields, and properly instructed, there may be no occasion to do so. The reputation of Colonel Torres can not well be worse, and I am thankful that the Department of State has not overlooked his previous record. On my arrival at San José I will report fully as to the subjects mentioned in your cablegram.

With assurances, etc.,

William Lawrence Merry,
United States Minister
  1. Printed ante.