Señor Aspíroz to Mr. Hay.

No. 23.]

Most Excellent Sir: The consul of Mexico at El Paso, Tex., informed me yesterday by telegraph that the United States commissioner in that city, before whom the proper legal proceedings had been instituted, according to the laws of this country, for the extradition of Mattie Rich, an American citizen, charged in Mexico with the murder of her husband, John B. Rich, had on that day decided that there was sufficient ground for said extradition, and had sent the necessary papers to the Department of State.

The legal formalities in this case having thus been complied with, it is time for you (as you promised in your note No. 12 of the 20th of May last) to take into due consideration the formal demand which, in the name of the Government of the United States of Mexico, I have the honor to make for the extradition of Mattie Rich, in virtue of the power which Article IV of the convention for the extradition of criminals, signed in the City of Mexico February 22, 1899, confers upon the Executive of the United States of America, as one of the contracting parties, to surrender American citizens if in his discretion he shall think proper to do so.

I therefore beg you, most excellent sir, to have the kindness to acquaint me, as speedily as possible, with the decision reached on the subject of this demand.

I reiterate, etc.,

M. de Aspíroz.