Mr. Adee to Mr. Buck.

No. 235.]

Sir: I confirm on the overleaf of my telegram1 of the 2d instant in regard to securing the permission of the Japanese Government to unload horses and mules belonging to the United States Army at Nagasaki for rest.

I inclose herewith for your further information copy of a letter from the Acting Secretary of War on the subject.

I am, etc.,

Alvey A. Adee,
Acting Secretary.
[Page 479]

Acting Secretary of War to the Secretary of State.

Sir: Referring to previous correspondence concerning the request of this Department to land horses, etc., at Nagasaki, I beg to say in explanation that the Quartermaster’s Department is about to send four shiploads of horses and mules from Seattle to Manila, and it is desired that on arrival at Nagasaki, where the ship is to coal, the horses be unloaded for rest.

As the quartermaster at Seattle wires the Department that the Japanese consul informs him that it will be necessary for our Government to secure such permission from the Japanese authorities, it is requested that the privilege to land at Nagasaki or other Japanese port, if desired, be secured, it being fully understood that the horses are to be unloaded merely for rest, and to be reembarked as soon as the vessel is coaled.

Very respectfully,

G. D. Meiklejohn,
Acting Secretary of War.
  1. Printed ante.