Mr. Hay to Count Vinci.

No. 497.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of July 25, in which you inform me that the grand jury of Madison Parish, acting as a court of accusation, has reached the conclusion, in the case of the occurrence at Tallulah, after a careful investigation, that it is wholly unable to discover the names of the perpetrators of the lynching of the 20th instant, and that His Majesty’s Government has requested you to ascertain whether the information is true, and if true, whether it means that no further criminal proceedings are to be instituted against the lynchers.

As I am unable to confirm the information referred to in your note, I have, by telegram, requested the governor of Louisiana to furnish replies to your questions, at the same time reminding him of the treaty rights accorded to Italian subjects and informing him of the assurance already given that proper steps will be taken in the interest of justice.

In reply to my telegraphic request for information, I have received a telegram from the governor of Louisiana stating that he is making further inquiry concerning the Tallulah lynching and what is being done by the local authorities.

Accept, etc.,

John Hay.