Mr. Hay to Count Vinci.

No. 496.]

Sir: I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your note of the 22d instant, with reference to the reported lynching on the preceding day of five Italians by a mob at Tallulah, La.

I at once communicated by telegraph with the governor of Louisiana in the sense requested in your said note and have received from him assurance that the matter will receive his immediate attention and that he will make a report.

In order to assure the Government of His Majesty the King of Italy that no proper course of action will be neglected by this Government, I have to-day transmitted a telegram to the embassy at Rome to inform the minister of foreign affairs that the governor of Louisiana is investigating the alleged lynching of persons born in Italy, and that this Government will take all legal steps to secure justice which the facts may warrant.

I desire to repeat the expression of the regret, already orally stated, which the President entertains at the unfortunate occurrence.

Accept, etc.,

John Hay.