Mr. Hunter to Mr. Hay.

No. 245.]

Sir: I have the honor to inform you that on the morning of the 16th instant the United States cruiser Newark, Capt. C. F. Goodrich commanding, reached San José, Guatemala.

The captain at once reported to me that fact by wire, and of his purpose to visit the capital to pay his respects to the President and to the American minister.

He arrived here at 4 in the afternoon, with eight of his officers and men, and was received at the depot by a representative of the Government and by the secretary of this legation.

At 5 he visited this legation and by appointment I accompanied him to the palace, where at 11 o’clock next morning he was cordially [Page 373] received by the President, who expressed regret that the early departure of the Newark would deprive him of the pleasure of entertaining the captain and his officers.

At 8.30 on the morning of the 18th Captain Goodrich and his party left San José on a special train provided by Col. D. B. Hodgsdon, general manager of the Guatemala Central Railroad, and sailed in the evening for San Francisco.

While here invitations were extended and accepted by the officers to a ball at the Guatemala Club, a banquet at the American Club, a dinner at the palatial residence of Col. D. B. Hodgsdon, and a breakfast by the American minister.

It affords me great pleasure to state that the entire party produced a most favorable impression by their commendable deportment during their brief stay in this city.

I have, etc.,

W. Godfrey Hunter.