Mr. Hay to Sir Julian Pauncefote.

No. 1367.]

Excellency: Answering your note of February 14, 1899, in further relation to the tonnage dues imposed upon cargo landed in the colonies of Trinidad and Tobago, I have the honor to advise you that upon reference thereof to the Secretary of the Treasury and reexamination of the matter that officer is clearly of the opinion that under the provisions of the ordinances in question certain charges are levied and paid by entering vessels which come, in fact, within the purview of the statute under which the President’s proclamation of April 7, 1885, and December 2, 1891, were issued, and that it becomes necessary therefore for the President to issue new proclamations withdrawing the former ones whereby exemption from tonnage taxes was granted in favor of vessels entering the United States from ports or places in Trinidad or Tobago.

In view of the correspondence heretofore exchanged with you on the subject, I deem it appropriate to give you timely notice of this conclusion and of the proximate issue of the President’s revocatory proclamations.

I have, etc.,

John Hay.