Mr. Hay to Sir Julian Pauncefote.

No. 1381.]

Excellency: Recalling the recent interviews which I have had the honor to hold with you respecting the desirability of establishing a provisional boundary line between the territorial possessions of the United States and Canada in the vicinity of Lynn Canal, and referring to the notes exchanged between this Department and your embassy during the past year, to wit, your promemoria of April 18, the note of Secretary Day of May 9, and your reply thereto of July 20, I feel warranted in submitting to you the following proposition:

It shall be agreed between the two Governments that the boundary line between Canada and the Territory of Alaska in the region above [Page 322] the head of Lynn Canal shall be provisionally fixed, without prejudice to the claims of either party in the permanent adjustment of the international boundary, at the watershed on the summit of White and Chilkoot passes, and at a point 30 marine miles from Pyramid Harbor on the Chilkat Pass and otherwise known as the Dalton Trail; and the two Governments further agree that the respective customs outposts shall not be advanced beyond the points indicated. Steps shall be taken without delay to establish by international cooperation a provisional boundary monument at each of the three points herein established.

An acknowledgment from you accepting this understanding, which embodies the proposals made in your communications of last year, and which, it appears, had been virtually observed as to the passes above Lynn Canal since July of last year, would accomplish the desired result by exchange of notes.

I have, etc.,

John Hay.