Mr. Day to Sir Julian Pauncefote.

No. 1006.)

Excellency: Referring to your memorandum of April 18 ultimo, regarding the marking of the boundary line between Alaska and the British possessions, I have the honor to inform you that this Government consents to the temporary demarcation of this boundary in the region about the head of Lynn Canal, on the general plan suggested in your memorandum—namely, that the boundary line shall follow the summit of the watershed surrounding the head of Lynn Canal.

To accomplish this it is proposed that in at least three localities on this watershed—namely, at the summit of White Pass, at the summit of Chilkoot Pass, and at the summit of Chilkat Pass—suitable monuments be placed to mark definite points in the boundary thus temporarily defined. It is suggested that these monuments be placed by two commissioners, one chosen on the part of the United States and the other on the part of Her Majesty’s Government.

In consenting to the temporary marking of the boundary line in the method just indicated, this Government desires it to be distinctly understood on the part of both Governments that this arrangement is not to be construed as affecting in any manner rights under existing treaties for the ultimate consideration and establishment of the boundary line in question.

I have, etc.,

William R. Day.