Mr. Porter to Mr. Hay.

No. 487.]

Sir: With reference to your cable of May 15, instructing me to notify the French authorities that ex-President Harrison would shortly arrive in France, I have to report that your instructions were complied [Page 273] with, and that Mr. Harrison has been the recipient of many courtesies on the part of the French Government. An official of high rank waited on him when he landed at Havre and welcomed him officially to France. A gentleman belonging to the foreign office, representing the French Government, was sent to receive him at the station, where he was met by Mr. Vignaud and myself when the train arrived from Havre.

I arranged interviews between him and the minister of foreign affairs, the president of the council, and the president of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies.

President Loubet entertained him and Mrs. Harrison at dinner and gave them the seats of honor at his table. He also sent them twice his box at the opera and invitations to his tribune at the races, and they received similar courtesies from other members of the Government.

I have, etc.,

Horace Porter.