Mr. Runyon to Mr. Olney.

No. 377.]

Sir: In reference to the application of Mr. Louis Stern, of New York, for a pardon or commutation of sentence of imprisonment to a pecuniary [Page 480] fine, I have the honor to report that since I sent my telegram of the 24th ultimo, in reply to your inquiry as to the status of the case, I requested Mr. Jackson, secretary of this embassy, to call upon the minister of foreign affairs of Bavaria, at Munich, and to ascertain what else, if anything, the embassy could do besides what it had already done to further the application. Mr. Jackson made the call accordingly, and was informed that what has been done has been done properly, and is, indeed, all that can be done. In the conversation the minister referred to the fact that Mr. Bancroft, who was accredited to Bavaria, still stands officially as the United States representative there, he never having presented any letter of recall, and that therefore the course which the embassy has taken in communicating with the Bavarian Government through its representative in Berlin was correct.

With the above the State Department has the full history of the action of the embassy in the matter. The case rests now with the Bavarian Government, as I said in my telegram above referred to. The final action is with the prince regent, who acts therein independently, at his own discretion, in so far as that he may, if he sees fit, disregard any recommendation which the ministry may make to him on the subject.

I have, etc.,

Theodore Runyon.