Mr. Runyon to Mr. Olney.

No. 350.]

Sir: Referring to my dispatch No. 344, of the 21st instant. I have the honor to inform you that a part of an instruction from the Bavarian Government to its legation here has to-day been communicated to this embassy by that legation. Therein it is stated that on the 19th instant Mr. Louis Stern’s lawyer, by his direction and in his name, sent a petition to the Bavarian ministry of justice, in which it was declared that the appeal which had been put in against the sentence of the court of first instance had been withdrawn and the setting aside of the sentence of imprisonment or its commutation to a money fine was requested. What the result of this petition will be, it is said, can not be foretold, as it depends entirely upon the decision which the prince regent of Bavaria will make after hearing reports and expressions of opinion from the court of Bamberg and the ministry of justice, and so far as the latter is concerned it can not be foretold whether it will be able to recommend the granting of the petition or not until a report is received from the State’s attorney and after an examination of the documents in the case is made, but that in this connection the support given by me to the petition will receive proper consideration.

I have, etc.,

Theodore Runyon.