Mr. Eustis to Mr. Olney.

No. 396.]

Sir: Receiving no answer to my communication of July 5, concerning the consular privileges in Tunis, I recalled the matter to the minister of foreign affairs and received in reply the note under date of the 23d instant, of which a copy and translation I inclose. Mr. Hanotaux merely states that the French resident at Tunis has been informed of our correspondence, and that the French ambassador at Washington was instructed to communicate with you on the subject.

I have, etc.,

J. B. Eustis
[Inclosure in No. 396.]

Mr. Hanotaux to Mr. Eustis.

Mr. Ambassador: Under date of the 12th instant you did me the honor of writing me to call my attention again to the question of the consular privileges in Tunis.

As I had the honor of informing you, I had not failed to point out to our representative in the regency the communications which your embassy had previously addressed me on the subject.

[Page 422]

This matter has not been lost sight of by my department, and the ambassador of the French Republic at Washington has been invited to see the Federal Government about it.

Please accept, etc.,

G. Hanotaux