Mr. Vignaud to Mr. Gresham.

No. 263.]

Sir: Your telegram directing the ambassador to notify the minister of foreign affairs of the existing American rights in the Dominican Republic, and to say you expected they would be respected in case France should take any action against that Republic having been received after Mr. Eustis had left under leave granted him, I complied with your instruction in the manner stated in my telegram of yesterday.

There is hardly anything to add to the information conveyed in this telegram. Mr. Hanotaux dwelt at some length on the circumstantial evidence showing that President Heureaux or his Government was directly responsible for the murder of Cacavilli, and on the moral reason which compelled France to exact an immediate payment of the indemnity demanded in that case. He thought that your interposition could settle the matter at once, and I have no doubt he would accept any suggestion you would be willing to make for the settlement of the [Page 399] two other pending questions if the Cacavilli indemnity is paid without delay.

I ventured to communicate the substance of my conversation with Mr. Hanotaux to the representative of the San Domingo Improvement Company here, and he said he was going to telegraph to his people to advise the Dominican Government to pay, through you, the amount asked.

I saw Mr. Hanotaux last night at the President’s reception, and he told me that no action had yet been taken.

I have, etc.,

Henry Vignaud