Mr. Wetter to Mr. Strobel .

No. 13.]

Sir: I have the honor to report in the Crockett estate matter:

That all the statements and accounts of the estate of W. F. Crocket have been entered and kept in Malagasy, vide my dispatch No. 10, paragraph 4.
That no return or account of any kind has been entered in the record for the Crockett estate since November, 1892; neither record of how the moneys of said estate, something over $2,000, were invested, nor any account of the disposition made of any interest accruing.
That the money of this estate was brought to Mr. Whitney, late United States consul, by Mr. Didier, while Waller was on a wild-goose trip to Antalaka in October, 1892, about the same estate, and by him turned over to Mr. Waller on the latter’s return to Tamatave. Mr. Whitney died a few days later, and Waller actually seized all his goods and effects. Naturally the receipt for the moneys of this same estate must have been among Whitney’s effects. Mr. Waller thus came into possession of not only the money, but also of the only evidence against him as to its amount, etc.
That it is especially worthy of note that I can not find the original of the inclosed entry made on page 11 of the “Record of deceased citizens and seamen, etc.,” nor are there any “court minutes or records” of any formal action on Mr. Waller’s part tending to legalize his assumption individually of the administration of the estate of Crockett as against his official position under the United States consular regulations.
That Mr. Waller has filed no bond in his individual capacity in the consulate here to protect the United States against any abuse of his administrative powers as an individual appointed by the court, etc., and therefore I am forced to the conclusion that he was acting solely in his consular capacity.
That, therefore, Mr. Waller, having failed to comply with the positive instructions contained in paragraph 635, has violated said paragraph, unless he claims exemption under paragraph 108, which, however, it seems to me, would be contrary to the proper conservation of the property, seeing that the heirs of Crockett are all here and not in the United States.
That Mr. Waller has violated paragraph No. 373 of Consular Regulations in not having an appraisement made to certify the perishable character of said estate.
That he has violated No. 375 in relation to quarterly statements as to amount of fees, etc.
That he has violated No. 376 by not remitting said estate to the Treasury Department, under the positive instructions given him in Department dispatch No. 25 (January 9, 1893).
That he has violated paragraph No. 377 in not keeping on file here a duplicate receipt of all moneys by him expended for said estate.
That he has violated No. 378 in not opening proper accounts; also in not transmitting copies of such accounts to the Fifth Auditor.
That he has violated No. 634 in not making the customary semiannual reports on said estate.

Suggesting that you favor me with immediate instructions on the subject of my action in this matter, as also upon the other matters referring to and connected with this subject touched upon in my dispatch No. 10.

I have, etc.,

Edw. Telfair Wetter,
United States Consul

N. B.—Ranarovelo was not the mother of Victoria Crockett, therefore had no control over herself or property. Waller knew this. Victoria Crockett never came into his hands. Both mother and the children are in Antalaka.

[Inclosure in No. 13.]

Appointment of John L. Waller as administrator and guardian for the estate of the late W. F. Crockett.

As the wife of the late W. F. Crockett I can not come to Tamatave for some time, as I am not well to travel. I will keep the baby of my dead husband by my breast for three years, then I will give him to Mr. John L. Waller, now the American consul, to educate, as I have given Miss Victoria Crockett, the daughter of W. F. Crockett. I want my girl to live in the family of Mr. Waller and to go to school until she is a big woman for herself. I want Mr. Waller to lend the money which belongs to me and my children at such interest as will pay for the clothes, board, and care of the children, without consuming the principal for that purpose. I want the interest paid at the end of each six months, provided that it shall always be applied on the board, lodging, and care of the children. I want a statement showing the amount of interest the principal has earned at the end of each six months. The statement must be sent to me at Antalaka. This paper will take effect and be in force from December 1, 1892.

Ranorovelo, Mother.


This is to certify that the foregoing is an accurate copy of page 11 of the records of this consulate appearing in the book entitled “Record of deceased American citizens and seamen—Disposition of their effects and moneys.” Furthermore, that said page is the last page in said record book containing an entry; that the preceding page, page 10, bears date January 29, 1893, and pertains exclusively to the American seaman, Martin Man, and his wages. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and the official seal of my office this 7th day of February, 1894.

Edw. Telfair Wetter,
United States Consul