Statement of Ratsimandresy.

I, Ratsimandresy, who sign my name underneath Malagasy, subject, born in Antananarivo in 1874, now still live in that city, make the following declaration with a swear:

On the 5th September, 1894, Mr. John Louis Waller called at our house, and because my father frequently stays in the country he asked him if he can send one revolver for his use there. Mr. J. L. Waller then agreed to satisfy my father’s wish, and said that revolvers are very cheap abroad. I then told him that because of the cheapness of its price I should like him to make the number ordered four—one for my brother, one for myself, and one for my friend.

On the 7th September, 1894, J and my younger brother went up to Mr. J. L. Waller’s house, carrying with us a revolver to be shown to him and of which we spoke; that we preferred the same kind if possible. He then agreed. The order of those revolvers was then done.

On the same day I informed Mr. J. L. Waller that I shall be very glad, indeed, if he would send me shoes, hat, trousers, and handkerchiefs. He agreed to do that, too, and requested me to write my letter as soon as possible in order to catch his departure; and if it can not be done before that, he asked me to hand it to Mrs. Waller, that she may send it down after him.

On the 28th September, 1894, I handed the letter to Mrs. Waller, and she then sent the letter after him (Mr. Waller).

Some time after that I was informed by his wife (Mrs. Waller) that Mr. J. L. Waller is still at Tamatave, and if I wish to write him a letter she (Mrs. Waller) should be glad to send that down to him. I then wrote a letter at her house to be sent down to him (Mr. Waller), and I let her read it, too, when I have done it. I do not remember well what I have written to him then, because I wrote it in a hurry, with the exception of his wife and children to go down to our country residence.

I must say now that those revolvers were not wanted but for ourselves only, and since Mr. J. L. Waller’s departure I never have had any letter whatever from him.

The above declaration which I have made I made it with a swear.

I, the undersigned, hereby certify that I am familiar with the details of John L. Waller’s arrest and imprisonment, and being the only American citizen at present residing in Antananarivo, and in the absence of any duly appointed consul, I have carefully examined the man Ratsimandresy, and have sworn him, without authority, because I must defend the interests and rights of citizens of the United States of America to the best of my ability.

E. G. Woodford.

Passport 17095.

I have requested, specially requested, that I, a Malagash, not understanding English perfectly, sign my name with the proviso that the Malagasy copy shall be the only one binding upon me.



Frank Harvey
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I think it was in November or December that I wrote this, but I can not remember for certain.

E. G. W.

I certify that I have translated from Malagasy to English the statement of Ratsimandresy, to the best of my ability.