Mr. Campbell to Mr. Uhl.

No. 13.]

Sir: * * * By the last steamer arriving here from Madagascar Mrs. Waller and four children reached this port. They are in destitute [Page 334] circumstances. When she left Antananarivo she expected that she and her family would have been taken to the United States on board of the U. S. S. Castine, then lying in the harbor at Tamatave. She was assisted to get to that port and here by the generosity of an American named Mr. Ethelbert G. Woodford, who is also here, but expects to leave for the United States as soon as he can procure means to get there. Mrs. Waller felt very much disappointed that the commandant of the Castine was unable to comply with her request for passages home for herself and family.

In the absence of this consulate having any authority to relieve her, she has determined to cable the Department praying for Government assistance to bring herself and family home.

The hotel at which they put up on their arrival here has already refused to furnish food and lodging except some guaranty be given for payment.

Should the Department decide to render her the relief asked for, I will do all in my power to make the most economical arrangements possible for the passages of herself and family to the States.

I have, etc.,

John P. Campbell,
United States Consul