Mr. Eustis to Mr. Uhl.

No. 316.]

Sir: I have the honor to transmit to the Department a copy of my last communication to Mr. Hanotaux about the Waller case and a copy and translation of his reply.

[Page 264]

The letters referred to are one from Bray, his stepson, and one from Mr. Sims, inclosed to me by Senator Voorhees. The papers in the case have been received from Tamatave by the minister of war, and at my last interview with Mr. Hanotaux, on the 12th instant, I again urged upon him the importance of furnishing, without delay, the information which he had promised at the request of my Government.

I have, etc.,

J. B. Eustis
[Inclosure 1 in No. 316.]

Mr. Eustis to Mr. Hanotaux.

Sir: On the 23d of April last, acting under instructions of my Government, I applied to your excellency for certain information concerning the case of our late consul at Madagascar, Mr. Waller, and asked particularly whether this embassy would be allowed to communicate with him. In a conversation with your excellency in regard to the same case I again mentioned the subject and understood that a reply would be given me after consultation with the legal advisers of your department.

Under date of April 30 your excellency kindly wrote that the papers relating to Mr. Waller’s case were on their way to Paris and that as soon as they should be received the information applied for would be furnished, but no reference was made to my inquiry as to the privilege of this embassy to communicate with Mr. Waller.

I venture to recall this matter to your excellency’s attention. The case of Mr. Waller has been much commented upon in the United States, and as it was specially recommended to me by my Government, I shall feel obliged if a reply to this last question could reach me at an early date. I shall thank you also to let me know at the same time whether the two letters addressed to Mr. Waller, which I sent to your excellency under dates of May 6 and 7, were or will be delivered.

I avail, etc.,

J. B. Eustis
[Inclosure 2 in No. 316—Translation.]

Mr. Hanotaux to Mr. Eustis.

Mr. Ambassador: On the 21st of May last your excellency was good enough, in referring to your previous communications, once more to mention to me the interest you attached to be able to communicate either personally or by a member of the embassy with Mr. Waller, formerly consul of the United States at Madagascar, condemned to twenty years’ detention by the military tribunal of Tamatave, who is at present at the Maison Centrale de Clairvaux.

I called the most special attention of the minister of the interior to the request of your excellency, and I will hasten to make known to you the response of Mr. Leygues as soon as it reaches me.

I should inform your excellency, moreover, that Mr. Waller, upon his arrival at Clairvaux, was placed in a cell so he might escape all contact with the other prisoners, and that he will enjoy all the benefits of lenity compatible with the rules.

I add that the necessary dispositions have been taken, upon the request of my department, to insure the delivery to Mr. Waller of the letters annexed to your communications of the 6th and 17th of May last.

Accept, etc.,

G. Hanotaux