President’s Message.

To the House of Representatives:

I transmit herewith, in answer to the resolution of the House of Representatives of December 28, 1895, a report from the Secretary of State, accompanied by copies of correspondence and other papers in regard to the case of John L. Waller, a citizen of the United States, at present in the custody of the French Government.

It will be seen upon examination, as would of course be expected, that there is a slight conflict of evidence upon some of the features of Mr. Waller’s case. Nevertheless, upon a fair and just consideration of all the facts and circumstances as presented, and especially in view of Mr. Waller’s own letters, the conclusions set forth in the report of the Secretary of State do not appear to admit of any reasonable doubt, nor to leave open to the Executive any other course of action than that adopted and acted upon as therein stated.

It is expected that Mr. Waller’s release from imprisonment will be immediately forthcoming.

Grover Cleveland