No. 632.

Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Heap.

No. 251.]

Sir: I have received your No. 457, of the 18th ultimo, relative to the sale of books printed at the American Bible House, and the obstructions placed upon the sale of such volumes by the Government of Turkey. You also inclose a report of an interview between Mr. Gargiulo and the minister of public instruction respecting the subject.

You will say to the Government of Turkey that we regard this matter as settled by mutual agreement, as Mr. Gargiulo’s report competently shows. The joint commission of a year ago, to which he alludes, prepared regulations for the class of publications mentioned in your dispatch, and we assented to them. This, then, constitutes an international understanding and one not to be set aside by either party unless for good and sufficient reasons, which are not now apparent. The United States expects and insists, therefore, that this agreement shall be duly observed, but if experience should have developed objections to the present mode of operation, and Turkey should ask for a commission of revision, setting forth the grounds for such action, this Government would be happy to consider that request in connection with England and other Christian powers concerned.

I am, &c.,