No. 630.

Mr. Frelinghuysen to Mr. Heap.

No. 249.]

Sir: I have received your No. 453, of the 1st instant, relative to the American “Euphrates College” at Harpoot, Asia Minor, which the local authorities there threaten to close, on the plea that a permit had not been obtained.

Your note of the 24th ultimo to the minister for foreign affairs, remonstrating against any summary action of the character described, meets with the Department’s approbation and approval.

You may further say to that minister that the President takes especial interest in this case, and, deeming the equities so conclusively on the side of the American college at Harpoot, he hopes that the merely technical point of the permit will be covered by the issuance of one in response to the application which was promptly made by the managers of the college as soon as they received their first official intimation that a permit was necessary.

You will press this point with all the friendly discretion at your command, since the forcible closing of the college now would have an irritating effect on American sentiment and impair the strenuous efforts of this Government to lessen the strain which has unfortunately grown up in our relations with that of Turkey.

I am, &c.,